Monday, June 3, 2013

Cross Stitch: May

This month I finally got back on track with my cross stitch. March and April were both very slow months for me, cross stitch wise, because I was so busy preparing for my move. Now that I've settled in, I've had some more time to work on it. Here is where we were at the end of April.

Here it is a week later on May 5th.

I really spent this month focusing on her head. Here it is on May 13th.

After I finished most of her hair, I started filling in her skin tone. Here is the cross stitch from May 19th.

Over the next week I finished her skin and her leaf crown. Here it is at the end of the month on May 27th.

As a reminder, here is how everything is progressing. I would definitely say that I made a good bit of progress in May - close to the amount I made in February which was my best month so far. Hopefully June will keep me on track!

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