Monday, June 24, 2013

Mod Melts Specimen Art

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This month I was thrilled to be part of the Mod Melts Street Team! Mod Melts is a new product from Plaid (the creators of Mod Podge). I was so excited to try this brand new product! I decided to make some specimen art.

Mod Melts will be available exclusively in Michaels stores by late June. There are a couple of molds - nature, flower, royal icon, and ornamental frames - and you can make them in either milk or sea glass. Here are the products that I received.

Mod Melts Milk Glass, Mod Melts Nature Mold, Folk Art paint, and Mod Podge paper

Products Used:
-Mod Melts Milk Glass
-Mod Melts Nature Mold
-picture frame
-scrapbook paper
-x-acto knife
-two colors of paint
-hot glue gun

Now, the Mod Melts packaging says to use a high temp glue gun. I had a low temp glue gun and it worked just fine! See?

Before I got started, I took a test of all the molds to see what they looked like. Even though they look a bit messy on this side, they all came out decent when you popped them out of the mold.

I got to work making lots of owls. My only complaint was that there was only one owl! The directions said to wait 10 minutes before removing the mold so it took quite a while for me to make 16 owls plus a few extra for mistakes. They do come out a little messy.

But all you need to do is trim them with your x-acto knife.

I then gave all my owls (minus one) two coats of blue paint and one special owl got two coats of gold. While I did that, I took an old frame and painted it white. Since I didn't sand or prime the wood, I sprayed it with clear gloss acrylic sealer. Here it is before:

I then used an old off-white matte that came with the frame and backed it with sparkly beige scrapbook paper.

Then I hot glued my freshly painted owls onto the scrapbook paper in 4x4 rows. I choose a random spot to place the gold owl.

Here is a close up of my two owl colors. As you can see, little air bubbles sometimes form in the molds. I think this could probably be fixed with practice.

I think they're just so cute! I have my new specimen art hanging in my craft nook.

I really enjoyed the chance to work with Plaid and Mod Melts. Don't forget they'll be in a Michaels store near you soon!

Make sure you check out Plaid on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and the Plaid Crafts blog!

You may see more Mod Melts crafts from me in the future. I've got a couple of ideas up my sleeve!

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  1. Dianna, so-ooo adorable! Your one special gold owl makes the entire project pop.

  2. Very cute! I agree with Susan, the gold one really makes it. You did a beautiful job! I might have to get that little owl.

  3. Very fun. This reminds me of using molds when I was a child to make bugs! Creepy Crawlers! Showing my age here. I found you over at the DIY Home Sweet Home party. Thanks for sharing, Patti

    1. I remember those! These aren't squishy though. They're much harder although you could still bend them a little bit.

  4. Oh, Mod Melts. ;) Great project!

  5. Love this! The owls turned out great and I like how you did just one gold one.

  6. I love the owls!! What a fun craft!!

  7. Super cute - love this!! Visiting from the “I’m Crafty” party :)

  8. Really cute project. I too just discovered mod melts and have bought all of the molds. Just an FYI: you don't really have to wait 10 minutes. Basically, you will want to just feel the bottom of the mold where you injected the mod melt, and it will be really hot at first but once it cools off more you can remove your embellishment. Just tap on the top to make sure its not still soft. I have removed mine while they are still a little warm and its actually easier to clean them up.

    1. Thanks! I feel like you really only need to wait maybe 5 minutes at the most. I did notice that they were much easier to tweak right after taking them out. I waited a few days because of time but still didn't have a problem with my x-acto knife.

  9. I featured you on my blog today. Feel free to grab a "featured" button on the right sidebar. Thanks again for linking up!

  10. Love these.... Are they are Michaels now???? I must make one of these...


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