Monday, June 17, 2013

Re-purposed Cool Whip Containers

I have been inspired by my bloggy friend, Susan, at Organized 31. One of her specialties is re-purposing items you normally would just throw away or recycle into amazing things! A lot of the recipes I've been making lately call for Cool Whip. Having just moved, I was saving the containers because I didn't have anything to store leftovers in. Now that I have some, I just thought about recycling the plastic containers but seeing all the things Susan has done, I knew I had to save them to re-purpose.

Items Needed:
-Cool Whip container
-Mod Podge
-scissors, brush

1. Make sure your container is nice and clean. I mean, you should have licked it clean with your fingers when it was empty but you still need to wash it.

2. Then, using the paper insert, trace a circle on your paper of choice. Trim when needed to make sure it fits inside it the lid.

3. Coat the container lid in Mod Podge. Place paper circle inside and coat the top in Mod Podge again. Beware of air bubbles.

4. Using a coordinating paper to your first, cut it into strips and then smaller pieces the length of the container.

5. Apply Mod Podge to container and back of paper. Put paper on container and coat generously in Mod Podge. Repeat until side is covered.

Note: I used scrapbook paper which was heavy duty and harder to Mod Podge as well as some Podgeable paper (in vintage wallpaper from Mod Podge - I got this as a'll see why on Monday!). The Podgeable paper was much more...podgeable...because it was lighter in weight. I recommend using thinner paper because it's more pliable and podgeable (we're making this into a word).

6. When I was done and dry, I coated everything in Mod Podge again just to be safe. Now you can use the containers to store your craft supplies! I ordered some letters and they're the perfect size to store them in.

The green one is made from scrapbook paper.

The pink one is the podgeable paper (although the lid is still scrapbook paper).

I was a little embarrassed for guests to see my craft supplies in a Cool Whip container. But, not anymore!

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  1. Diann, Lo-ove the repurposed containers! Using strips of green paper to handle the problem of the curved container is brilliance! You've inspired me (and I, too, have a stack of Cool Whip containers that I will now lick clean with my fingers ;)

  2. Totally cute!! Genius idea!! Love it!!

  3. great idea...totally loving it

  4. great idea and I ador the paper you used so pretty


  6. Great idea!! I really should repurpose more containers that I just throw away. Thanks for sharing! :)


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