Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Lovin': Next Year's Wish List

Happy Friday! Can you believe summer is almost over? I sure can't! It seems like we were just celebrating Memorial Day and the start of summer and now it's almost time for Labor Day and the end of summer! The weather has been nice and cool lately and I'm definitely ready for fall. However, there was a lot of summer crafting/baking/cooking I didn't get to do. Here are some Pinterest Picks that I wish I'd had the time to make this year.

If you like these ideas too, remember to pin from the original source!

This awesome seahorse string art. I especially love the shells inside it.

A new Fourth of July Wreath like this:

Firework napkins made with bleach and a pencil!

I'd love to make this knock off Cafe Rio sweet pulled pork recipe. It's my favorite thing to eat right now. For the moment, I'm just happy to order it from them.

Anything s'more-ish. I didn't make any this year! I might still have time Labor Day weekend.

More BBQ! I like the vinegar based recipes as well as "red sauce" based that I grew up with. This one looks delicious.

Mosquitoes love me...and I hate them! I need to make something like this.

Or maybe just throw together something all natural with plants that repel them like this:

Maybe next year...

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