Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Bang Theory: Raj's Superman Beer Mug

Are any of you fans of the TV show The Big Bang Theory? If you are, I've got a fun craft to share with you. A bunch of my favorite crafters (be sure to visit their links at the bottom of this post) and I got together to share with you some Big Bang Theory themed crafts to celebrate the season premiere of BBT on Thursday, September 26th!

If you watch BBT (if you don't, you should!), you will know that Raj is terrified of talking to girls. He literally cannot speak to a girl unless he's had a drink of alcohol (just a sip...or a bite of rum cake). I decided I needed to make a drink that would help Raj be brave so I made...

Raj's Superman Beer Mug!

I found this Superman Cape in the Silhouette online store. I removed the Superman symbol for now and just cut out the cape.

The reason I removed the symbol was because I decided to re-purpose some old mugs that were sitting in our computer room. They had an etching on them from my mom's old company. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the etching off so I had to cover it up and needed something big that would cover it. My mugs were a weird shape so it was hard to get the cape to lay flat but I did my best.

I coated the stencil in Armour Etch. For some reason, my etching cream didn't have any instructions. I looked for instructions online and some said to leave it on 5-10 minutes, others 1-2 minutes. I did the latter. It barely worked. I don't think the cream was on thick enough so I did it again for another 5 minutes. Just make sure you don't walk away from it like I did...it ended up dripping down and I have a little etching splotch.

Then, on the other side of the mug, I used the Superman symbol. Again, I had to do it twice for the etching to look good.

Here is how the cape side came out.

Here is another angle of it. You can see my whoops spot on the bottom. Whoops!

Here is the Superman symbol.

I hope drinking from this glass would help make Raj (and everyone out there like Raj) extra brave. Make sure you stop by and see what the other crafters made out of their love for all things Big Bang Theory!

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  1. Raj's mug looks amazing! He'd definitely be able to talk to the ladies with a cool beer mug like this.

  2. Dianna, I love it! Thanks for linking up last week... Make sure you come check out your feature at this weekend's party! =)


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