Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cross Stitch: September

Another month, another cross stitch post.

I was really good this month with not skipping any weeks. However, the weeks I have been doing have been small and I haven't been getting much done. I suppose it's technically not a bad thing because that means I've actually had things to do on the weekend. However, I don't think I'll have it done (by a long shot) by Thanksgiving. That's only in two months. I don't have to have it done by Thanksgiving...I just wanted to so I could show my family that comes over.

Here is a reminder of what things looked like at the end of August.

Here it is Septembr 2nd after Labor Day. I worked primarily on the bottom left. The colors are a bit off.

Here it is on the 8th. I tried to finish up the navy on the coat.

Here it is on the 15th - sorry it's fuzzy.

Here it is on the 22nd. I worked on the skirt however the color is very similar to the background and it doesn't show up well in photos.

Here it is on the 29th. I continued my work on the skirt.

As a reminder, here's a collage of all my progress through the months.

You can click through for a larger picture.

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