Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Decoupaged BOO Railing Sign

I wanted to decorate outside for Halloween but, unfortunately, I don't really have an outside. All I have is my door in the hallway that less than half a dozen people might see and my balcony. My balcony has a higher chance of being see by people in the other apartments and even from the street. So, I decided to make a sign for my railing using some of the awesome products I got from Martha Stewart (note: I did receive these products for free but I think they're great and plan to keep using them!).

You can see the other project I made with these products here!

Materials Used:
-Wooden letters and pumpkins
-wooden rod
-Martha Stewart Halloween decoupage paper(bugs and skull and crossbones)
-Martha Stewart Matte Decoupage
-Martha Stewart Glow In The Dark Decoupage
-Martha Stewart paint in Beetle Black
-green glitter
-Scissors, x-acto knife, cutting mat, hot glue gun, E-600 glue, wire cutter, floral wire

I found wooden letters and pumpkins at Michaels. 

I coated the wood generously with the Martha Stewart Matte Decoupage and then placed my decoupage paper on top of it. I let it dry.

Then I cut the excess paper off using my x-acto knife and cutting mat so that the paper fit perfectly around my letters and pumpkins. I sealed the top with the matte decoupage. For my BOO letters, I wanted them to sparkle a bit in the sunlight so I covered the sides in the matte decoupage, sprinkled green glitter on top, and then sealed it with the matte decoupage again.

Then I gave my words and pumpkins a few coats of glow in the dark decoupage until I was satisfied with the glow.

I took a wooden rod and painted it black.

I glued the words to the wooden rod with E-600 and a glue gun. 

Here is how it looked:


Another angle:


I'm kind of absolutely terrified that my letters might fall off my railing and bonk some unsuspecting passerby-er on the head. So I covered it with lots of glue and then attached it to my railing with floral wire. Here is a picture of it facing me when I'm sitting on my balcony. I couldn't get a good picture of it when it was facing the street.

I ended up positioning it so that it spread out across my balcony. Here is a close up of one of the pumpkins.

Here is a close up of the BOO. I can testify that this decoupage holds up great! It rained for like 4 days straight and my sign wasn't affected at all.

Halloween is almost here! Are you ready?


  1. How fun! I really like the bug paper.

  2. This turned out so cute! I nominated you for a liebster award: http://welchwolves.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/a-major-award/


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