Friday, December 20, 2013

Boxes from Christmas Cards

Here is an old post I never brought over from my blog before it was a craft blog. It is originally from 2011:

One tradition I love from the holiday season is getting Christmas cards. I enjoy sending them and I enjoy receiving them but I always find it hard to just throw them all away! They're so pretty and it seems a shame that not everyone can see them and enjoy them and they just end up in the recycling.

A few years ago, my cousin over at The Spotted Sparrow posted a tutorial on how to make Christmas card gift boxes. That year, I immediately saved all my favorite Christmas cards I'd received to make them...and never got around to it. Two years later, I finally did it! This year my mom gave my cousins a lot of gift cards for the holidays so I made a special little box to put them in. I started off with this card:

I made the boxes and they ended up being the perfect size for a gift card! I ended up lining the cards with construction paper so that the receivers wouldn't see the warm holiday wishes I'd received from other people:

Please see the link above for the tutorial!


It was very easy and she left simple, clear steps for you to follow. I definitely recommend this for your leftover cards!

This one was my favorite. The sparkle and the scenery created just the perfect top. It looked amazing under the tree:

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