Monday, December 16, 2013

Reversible Fall and Winter Knit Table Runner

Today I wanted to share a project that has been a long time in the making. Despite the time, I'm very pleased with the outcome! It is a reversible knit fall and winter table runner.

I knit the table runner a few hours a week over a couple of weeks just doing a few rows at a time. I believe I cast on about 50 stitches (I used size 3 needles) and just went until I ran out of yarn from one skein. It is approximately 9 inches wide and 29 inches long. Check out this tutorial for how to make a scarf which is essentially what my table runner is!

It sat like that on my table as a plain runner for a while before I got around to embellishing it. On one side, I made it up for fall. I took pieces of felt in a few colors and used a permanent marker to make simple leaf shapes.

Then I cut them out and sewed them onto the table runner by hand. I set them down randomly first and then rearranged them until I thought they looked good. I used white thread, knitted it through the runner (just through a top piece of the yarn so it wouldn't show through on the bottom since this will be reversible) and stitched it down, continuously running the thread through the yarn underneath.

Here it is stretched out on my coffee table.

For winter, I took little plastic three dimensional snowflakes. Unfortunately, they won't work for when it's fall since the runner wouldn't lay flat so I snipped off part of the snowflake with scissors and wire cutters so it would lay flat.

Then I put them on the runner and sewed them down.

I think it looks really pretty!


Here is fall and winter side by side.

I didn't finish this until after fall was over so I look forward to using it next year!


  1. Dianna, I love your table runner. It's lovely and I'm particularly enamored with the snowflakes.


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