Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pinvestigation: Battle of the Peanut Brittles

It's been a while since I did a pinvestigation. That's when I take a pin from Pinterest (usually a recipe) and investigate it to see whether it's good.

My dad loves peanut brittle. This year for Christmas, I decided to make him some. I found two recipes on Pinterest. One was for a peanut brittle you made on the stove top (recipe here) and one was for a peanut brittle you made in the microwave (recipe here). Microwave peanut brittle, you say? Yeah, I was pretty skeptical too. I decided to make a batch of each to see which was better.

After I made them, I gave each batch to my dad and asked him to try them and tell me which he thought was the microwave version and which was the stove top. Here are pictures of the peanut brittle side by side. Which one do you think is microwave and which one do you think is stove top?

He picked the one on the right (B) as stove top because he thought it was better.

And the results are....

...drum roll...

He was wrong! The one of the left (A) was the stove top and the one on the right (B) was the microwave.

The microwave peanut brittle was much easier than the stove top. I waited ages for the candy thermometer to reach the right temperature on the stove. As soon as it hit it, I took it off the stove to cool. I must have taken it off too soon because the stove top version stuck to your teeth much more.

I couldn't believe that the microwave version was our favorite. It disappeared in a day or two while the stove top there were still some pieces left after a week. My dad's birthday is in February. I'll definitely be making him some more.

Have you ever tried making either version of peanut brittle?

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  1. Wow! My husband and father-in-law love peanut brittle, and I would have never considered making it in the microwave! Awesome!


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