Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cross Stitch: March

For once I can say I had pretty good progress on my cross stitch and that ain't no joke (Happy April Fool's Day!). In March I had spring break so I didn't have to worry about reading and class work for a whole week. I also had a couple of snow days so I could work on the cross stitch (winter can't seem to let it go - as I type this on Sunday the 30th it's snowing AGAIN).

I've only got about a month left of spring classes (where does the time go??) and I'm taking the summer off since there weren't any classes I found terribly interesting. I look forward to time for crafting! I have been feeling creatively deprived. I've got a project scheduled to be in the works this weekend that I hope to share as soon as its done (and turns out pretty). But let's get to this first.

As a reminder, here is where we were when we left off in February (this was technically March 2nd).

Here it is a week later on March 9th. I began working on the bottom left corner. I'm not sure why, but for the life of me, I can't get this picture to show up horizontally. When I edit it, it is right but uploading it, it keeps switching. Sorry for your neck!

Here it is on March 16th. I continued my work in the corner.

Here it is on March 23rd. I was able to pretty much finish the corner and started moving over to the bottom right corner.

Here it is Sunday, the 30th. I did a lot more than it looks like. One of the colors I worked with is almost the same as the light gray/blue background material I'm stitching on so it's hard to see.

I've very pleased with my progress this month!

You can see my month by month progress below.

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