Monday, April 28, 2014

The Influenster Uni VoxBox

Last month I received the Influenster Uni VoxBox full of free products for me to try and review. Today, I wanted to share my experiences with you.

imPRESS Nails by Broadway Nails
I know this is cheesy, but I was imPRESSed by these nails. I had never thought I would like fake nails. I think the last time I tried them was back in middle school where there was a one size fits all rule (one size does NOT fit my nails!) and I thought they'd stayed the same. So when I got these, I was definitely apprehensive. But they came in really cute packaging that intrigued me.

I decided to give them a try. My color was called It Girl. The nails come in multiple sizes so you choose which one fits you. You clean your nails off with the wipe that comes with it and just press it on. Viola!

My full set of nails stayed on for 3 days before the first one got loose and I pulled it off. But luckily, because there were so many sizes, I was able to just replace it. Over the next few days, a couple more fell off and I replaced them. Eventually I ran out of replacements so I was able to have these for a week total. I got lots of compliments! From far away, no one knew they were fake. After I took them off, there was no damage done to my nails!

I would definitely look into buying these again especially if I had an event coming up. They cost about $6 which is cheaper than a manicure and it lasts longer than mine would before they chip.

Pilot Acroball Pen
I really, really like this pen. I'm not sure how much you can say about a pen but I have one pen at work that I use every day. This one has now replaced it. I think that speaks for itself.

The pen came with a coupon on the back to buy a set of them which I plan on doing as soon as I can get myself to a place that has them (I tried looking for it at CVS and couldn't find it). I want the other pretty colors!

Red Rose Real Tea
I don't like tea, unless it comes with sugar in it. I was very skeptical about my liking this. You can see the Instavideo I made of it here. I was surprised to find it was slightly sweetened.

I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. I probably won't be drinking it much, if at all. I might give it to one of my co-workers who likes adding things like this to her water for flavor.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color
I, personally, never wear lipstick. I just stick to chap stick. My lips have a fairly decent natural color and to me, lipstick has always come with a weird smell that I don't like. But I gave this a try anyway. The color I got was Forever Fuschia. Here's a picture of me without the lipstick and with it. I wanted to do a before and after because whenever people post pictures of lipstick, I can never remember what their original lip color looked like so I don't know if it was much of a change or not (I mean I guess that applies to more natural colors, unlike this one).

I was pleasantly surprised with this. I thought it smelled fine - like chap stick instead of lipstick. The color was a little much for me and I liked it better after I had wiped some of it off so that it was more of a stained pink (the color really did last pretty much all afternoon for me until I went to lunch and had to wipe my mouth off a lot). Would I buy this brand again? Yes. Would I buy this color again? No. It's not for me. I felt like it really yellowed my teeth (hence the closed mouth picture) and was just too flashy for me. But I would try it in a softer color.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation
When I find something I like, I tend to stick with it. I like my current foundation, which is a liquid, and was very hesitant about trying something new. But, for the sake of reviewing the product, I did. It was tricky because we had to select our color online which is definitely hard to do.

Hm. Apparently I'm not into open mouthed smiling lately.

I chose Light Porceline since I usually am the lightest shade available. But, it was way too light for me. I looked like I was putting suntan lotion on my face that wouldn't rub in. Apparently make up has expanded to include a variety of lighter shades. After rubbing it in a lot and wiping a lot off, I got it to look acceptable, especially after I put powder over top. Am I going to try to find a better color and make the switch? No. I was actually really turned off by the company due to their available shades. They only currently have it for light skinned people. The darkest color is "sand". That's not cool in my book.

Playtex Sport
We're all girls here, right? Well if we're not, you gentlemen might want to stop reading.

I saved this product for last so you don't have to keep going. But I'll be honest, I haven't tried this product. Although Playtex was already my preferred brand when it comes to that kind of thing so I can vouch for that. For one, well, I don't play sports so I wouldn't need to go buy a tampon just for sports but I'll keep it simple...I just haven't needed this. They only sent regular and these days, I'm a light kind of girl (way, way different from my days in high school but that's another story we won't get into). So, yeah, sorry. I didn't try this.

Thanks again to the wonderful Influenster for providing me with this box free of products. I did receive these products specifically for review but you are receiving my unbiased opinions!

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  1. I would actually recommend trying those tampons. I don't know how I ended up trying them, but I really liked them and they were really comfortable. They are smaller than a regular tampon so they didn't bother me as much.


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