Monday, June 16, 2014

Cross Stitch: May

With the beginning of May came the end of classes. I thought I would have a lot of time to work on my cross stitch but I found I was very socially in demand for once. I had lots of activities to do on the weekends but I still managed to get some progress done - in fact, I got nearly all the progress done! I have finished the "background"!! All that's left is the detail work.

As a reminder, here is where we left off at the end of April.

Here it is on May 4th. I worked on trying to finish the upper left corner. I very nearly succeeded.

Here is the cross stitch on May 11th. I finished the entire left side (yay!) and moved back over to the right. The colors I worked with on the right are a little hard to see.

Here it is on May 18th.

Then I powered through Memorial Weekend and finished!

Here it is with a little bit of zoom so you can see everything better (I did realize later I forgot to finish a couple red petals on two of the poinsettias...whoops!).

And, of course, your month by month updates:

I've begun working on the details. This means more lines in her dress and you'll be able to see her face as well as many other things. The details are one string threads that go on top of the cross stitching to enhance the piece.

I technically began it at the beginning of June but haven't picked it up since (well, I was on vacation - I'll share about that later). It's going still slow going. Plus, I can't find the frame I bought a year and a half ago to match this one. It's put a little damper on it all and made me grumpy.

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