Monday, June 23, 2014

Patriotic Star Mobile

Can I just say how excited I am to share this!? Why? Because it's my first craft post (besides anything cross stitch related) in months. I've missed crafting! The other night I was just sitting here and I got the itch to craft. I've had all these supplies sitting around for a long while and I decided it was time to figure out a way to use them. So, I made a patriotic star mobile for the 4th of July.

To make something similar, you will need:
-pack of mini wooden stars (6 of the bigger size and 14 of the smaller size)
-large wooden star
-fishing line
-red, white, blue, and light gold paint
-hot glue gun, scissors, paint brushes

To make this, I glued one end of the fishing line to the back of a wooden star. Then I used the hot glue gun to glue another wooden star to the other side so if the stars moved around, you wouldn't see an ugly side. Looking back, I would have painted the stars first probably.

I then glued the other end of the fishing line to the back of the big wooden star.


I staggered the stars so that there were five lines that had big star/little star, little star/little star, little star/big star, little star/little star, and big star/little star.

When I painted them, I switched up the red and the white and it ended up looking like there was a line of white, then red, then white stars like stripes on the flag. I painted the big star blue and I brushed all the stars over very lightly with a light gold paint. In person, it almost makes it look like it's metal.

It's a cute, quick, and easy decoration for the 4th of July which is coming up in just a few short weeks!

I'd love to leave it hanging up on my door to the balcony like in the pictures above. The only problem is, apparently, it's not only pretty to look at. It's also very fun...

Right now it's hanging inside my china cabinet. Violet still tries to play with it through the glass.


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