Monday, July 14, 2014

Ever Mine Ever Thine Ever Ours Free Printable

I've really been into printables lately - primarily ones that are suitable for the gallery wall I have planned in my head but haven't executed yet. My only criteria is that they have to be free!

As I've been searching for them (here's what I've found so far on Pinterest), I began thinking that I could make my own. I've got a journal that I write down my favorite quotes and song lyrics in (it's a fun reference every now and then - kind of like a photo album). I decided to make my own printables and I wanted to share them with you - for free! This is going to be a weekly thing for as long as I can come up with them :) Join me every Monday for the latest free printable!

My first printable is inspired by the Sex and the City movie. In the movie, Carrie is reading a book called Love Letters of Great Men which didn't actually exist until after the movie came out. I've mentioned it before - if you're a long time fan, you'll remember I typed one up for an aged framed love letter for Valentine's Day last year. This printable is another quote that was mentioned in the movie and is in the book that was subsequently published ( Doyle, Ursula. Love Letters of Great Men. New York: St. Martin's, 2008. 106-07. Print.). It is 'Ever Thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours.' and was in a love letter from Ludwig van Beethoven to his 'Immortal Beloved'.


You can download this free printable here! Enjoy and I'll see you next week with a printable from one of my favorite movies - Practical Magic!


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