Monday, September 29, 2014

Honey Bee Free Printable

Before I get into things, I want to wish a VERY happy birthday to my wonderful Mom!

Last week I shared a free printable for Kacey Musgrave's song "Silver Lining".  As I mentioned, I love the lyrics of the whole song. It was so hard for me to just choose pieces of it. So, I had to make two free printables. As much as I love the parts from last week's printable, this is definitely my favorite section of the song. The lyrics are:
"If you wanna find a honey
You can't be scared of the bees
If you wanna see the forest
You're gonna have to look past the trees"
I decided to make two versions of this printable. The first is a bit more playful:

You can download that here. The second is a bit more serious I suppose:

You can download that one here. I hope you'll give the song a listen. It's a great one!

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