Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Refinished Corner Cabinets

Over Labor Day weekend, my parents and I finally finished a pair of corner cabinets. I am so excited to share them! They were waiting to be refinished since before Memorial Day but between vacations, summer activities, and the heat, it was a few months before we could get to them.

We've had these corner cabinets for a long while. Many years ago, my dad scored them for free at a job site. He stripped the cabinets and painted them white. The cabinets sat in our shop for a long time and then they spent a few years at my parents' creek house in the northern neck of Virginia. My parents sold the house this spring and my mom asked me if I wanted anything. I knew exactly that I wanted! The corner cabinets. Here they are in all their before glory:

My dad had also stripped the doors many years ago but never got around to painting them white.

Before we started, my dad patched and sanded everything. We think that there was originally only one corner cabinet and someone came a few years later and made another one to match. The doors of one cabinet are much thinner and smaller. Luckily, you can only tell when they're side by side.

Here is a window door and a sample of the shelves, which were never fully stripped. I am trying to imagine the pair of the corner cabinets being entirely blue and I just can't.

Over the years of sitting in the shop, the shelves actually expanded and warped so they didn't fit into the cabinets anymore. My dad cut them down so they fit just right. Please ignore the rotting insulation.

We covered everything in an oil-based primer. Then we painted the cabinets, doors, and shelves in Rustoleum Satin White oil-based paint. I painted the inside of the cabinets in Spirited Green by Sherwin Williams (the same color as my desk).

Although the corner cabinets are massive (seven feet tall exactly - and my ceilings in the corner are seven feet and one inch), they are surprisingly light weight. We loaded them into our short bed pick up and my dad and I carried them to my apartment. One went in the dining room corner and one went in the living room corner of my large living-dining area.

Although my dad was amazingly able to locate the original hardware, it was either brass (the handles) or caked with paint (the hinges). We decided to bite the bullet and bought all new hardware. For about $25, we picked up 4 crystal knobs, 8 hinges, and a couple pairs of hardware that would help stop Violet from being able to open the lower cabinet doors. Yes, my cat is skilled like that. It's ridiculous.

I am SO happy with how they came out!

I quickly filled the cabinets with my favorite items that I haven't been able to display since I got Violet. She's very fond of pushing things and breaking them.

I was surprised to see how well the cabinets anchored the space. I really feel like they tie my apartment together and makes it feel more homey.

Here's a glimpse at the bottom.

Here is how the cabinet on the dining side looks in real life with the furniture. I love how the mint in the cabinet adds a pop of color but also ties to the mint in my herringbone canvas art.

As soon as we finished, my dad said he was ready to take them back since they look so great. No way! They are mine now.

They make me very happy.

I could not have done this refinishing project without my parents. They were such a big help with sanding and priming and painting. Thanks Mom and Dad! You're the best!


  1. that looks beautiful is amazing how a little trim can transform an item.

    1. Thanks Mel! I think the trim on them really adds something!

  2. Your cabinets are lovely! I can see why you wanted these cabinets from your parents' house.

    1. Thank you! Even when they were the "before" I thought they still looked great. I knew they had awesome potential!


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