Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Solid Glitter Coasters

You may be surprised to learn that I actually made these coasters two years ago back when I made my vinyl snowflake coasters and my vinyl polka dot coasters. I had gotten them all ready to give them to my family and I put them in a bag to take them to our family Christmas party and when I got to my parents' house to check on them, they were smudged. I was FURIOUS! I had spent days making them and they had been drying at least a week, if not two, but the Mod Podge had not cured. So, before you even attempt these, make sure you have a few weeks to let the Mod Podge completely dry (even if you think it's dry, it might not be dry).

You will need:
-white ceramic tiles (I got a half box of 40 at Home Depot and they were about $.16 each)
-Cork board
-Mod Podge
-Paint brush, scissors

I started off with a plain, white ceramic coaster.

I cut four squares of cork and hot glued them to the back of the coaster.

I coated the coasters in Mod Podge, covered them with glitter, and let it dry. Once they dried, I covered them with Mod Podge again and added more glitter to ensure a thick coat. I think I added 4-5 coats of Mod Podge over the next week or so, just to be safe and ensure they were sealed and the glitter wouldn't come off. Then I gave them about a week or two to dry. As I said above, that wasn't enough, apparently.

When I pulled them out of the bag, they had dents in them and once I was over my frustration at the project, I touched up the glitter, recoated them with Mod Podge and let them sit in my china cabinet for a few weeks where they wouldn't be touched.

I gave them to my parents who handed them out to my friends and family last Christmas. I didn't get to see anyone's reactions because I was in South Africa. I went on a trip through my university a few days after Christmas through early January. We got to explore Cape Town and see how the aftermath of Apartheid still lingered in the city. We did service projects with a few grassroots organizations. And I got to see zebras, ostriches, monkeys, and penguins (yes, penguins). Here are just a few of the many pictures I took during our two week trip.


  1. I've never tried making tile coasters, but you've inspired me. The glitter is so festive. Thanks for sharing the drying tips and saving me frustration.

    1. If you make them now, they should be dry by next Christmas! ;)


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