Monday, August 22, 2016

Home Sign [Maryland Edition]

It's always sad when a friend moves away. One of my friends from my last job decided to give life in another state a try - and not just a short move away to Virginia like I did. She headed down south but before she left, I wanted to give her a token to remember her home state of Maryland.

I tried to find something to get on Amazon and came across all these cool wooden signs, pillows, and cutting boards that showed the outline of Maryland and the word HOME, usually with a heart for the 'o'. But, they were all either too expensive or would take too long to get here. So I busted out my trusty Silhouette and made something myself.

I found an outline of the state of Maryland that I liked (Silhouette tip - whenever I make my own images, I just Google what I'm looking for with 'coloring page' at the end. For example, 'Maryland coloring page'. The simpler outline of a coloring page makes it really easy for the Silhouette to find the edges you want).

I created the file and used half of a 5x7 card to cut it on. It came out like this.

Then I played around with some watercolors on scrapbook paper so she'd have options to choose from. On one side was red glitter (a color from the Maryland flag).


 On the other side, I did some watercolors.


I wasn't a fan of it so I made some other options on another set of 5x7s. A splattered watercolor: 

 And an ombre stenciled watercolor:

I gave her all four so she could choose which one she liked best. As a standalone, the first watercolor was my least favorite but as soon as I put it in the frame, I loved it.

I got this frame for a few bucks (with coupon!) from Michaels.

I thought it would look nice in her new apartment or at her desk at her new job. I wanted to make sure it was small enough so it wouldn't take up too much space.

This one was my favorite as a standalone and probably my least favorite in the frame. I think it was just too much white.

Which one do you like best?

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