Monday, October 3, 2016

Reupholstered Dining Room Chairs

I've been talking about reupholstering my dining room chairs for ages. I just never made a move on it because I had no idea what type of fabric I wanted and wasn't sure exactly how to do it. After years of blog readings and seeing a number of people do it, I had an idea in my mind but it almost seemed too easy. Just unscrew the seat and staple fabric on? No way. Well, it turns out, yes way.

Here is what my dining room chairs looked like before. They're part of a set of six chairs and a matching table that belonged to my great-grandparents (my mom's mom's parents). We call it the farmhouse set because it's from their farmhouse in South Carolina.


The chairs were covered with an old brown leather that was the exact same color as the stain on the chairs. I'm pretty sure it was original as there was no fabric on the leather when I removed it. At the least, it has been on there since my mom inherited it thirty plus years ago.

I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics with my mom who was planning to reupholster a wing back chair (more on that later). We spent an hour or two just looking at all of the upholstery fabric and going back and forth. I finally settled on this (which was actually the first one that attracted me). I got it for just $11 because it ended up just having enough so I got a remnant price (plus a coupon and they were having a huge sale for labor day weekend).

I'm not doing this as a tutorial because there are so many out there. But, it really was very easy. I had my mom show me how to do the first one and then I did the rest myself. I'm really happy with how they came out!

The new fabric automatically brightens the chair and makes it look more modern.

I was worried I might stop liking the chevron after not too long but it was so easy to do, I can just do it again the next time I get tired of it!


  1. Dianna, I adore the fabric you chose. Your chairs are both fun and sophisticated now. I know you treasure having your great-grandparents furniture in your home and maintaining that connection to your family.


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